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We started as DIYers. I wish we would have viewed it as investing early on but it wasn’t until later we realized we could make extra money with our remodels.

That got us thinking about real estate investing. If you have lived through a kitchen remodel you know the struggle of living in a house you are remodeling. After years of tossing around the idea and research, we finally decided to start looking for a house to flip. Eventually, we bought our first flip after months of looking.


By creating this website we hope to learn more by reviewing and documenting our projects. Also, we want to help others learn. We hope by sharing our experience it will help others attempt DIY projects or get into real estate investing.

listening to podcasts and reading forums about real estate investing is a love of mine. This is also what kept us from investing for years. The information sounds so advanced and complicated it is hard to know where to start. We are starting this website early on in our real estate investing journey. Hopefully, we describe some simple ways to start and make it less terrifying for anyone.


No matter the amount of research you do there’s nothing like experience to learn. We hope to hear some advice from those who have tackled projects themselves or started investing in real estate.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below. Any tips or advice are more than welcome. If you just want to share your experience with a project please share. We love hearing about DIY projects around the house and real estate investing.

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