18 Airbnb Bathroom Essentials Necessities Your Guests Will Love

If you manage an Airbnb or any vacation rental bathroom amenities are important. These Airbnb bathroom essentials consistently get me 5-star reviews. My guests often comment about my extras even if they don’t use them. With all the extras guests feel like they are getting the best experience possible on their vacation. Disclaimer: Some of … Read more

How to Paint Without Tape and Paint Faster

Painting is a project almost anyone can do. The only problem is it can take forever if you aren’t an experienced painter. I have found a few tips and techniques over the years and learned how to paint without tape and paint faster. If you don’t have to tape off edges and can cut in … Read more

How to Paint Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets is one of my favorite projects, it makes a huge impact on a kitchen. What can be better than a beautiful bright white kitchen? If you’re thinking of painting cabinets but not sure how to paint cabinets white and have them look professional don’t worry it isn’t difficult. It takes some time … Read more

Estimating Rehab Costs for House Flips

Estimating rehab costs for house flips is essential for finding a good deal. Being able to estimate rehab costs also comes in handy when buying rentals or even when looking at properties you plan to live in yourself. When estimating rehab expenses for the first time plan on making mistakes and budget for them. Start … Read more

Common Septic System and Well Problems

Septic and well problems are devastating issues to have after purchasing a property. Keep an eye out for common septic system and well problems before making a purchase. It is often best to get an inspector who specializes in septic and well to take a look. If you do hire an inspector make sure to … Read more

Inspecting a House for Siding Problems

inspecting-a-house-for-siding-problemsSiding is expensive to replace. Water damage from bad siding can be even more expensive. When you are inspecting a house for siding problems you should be able to spot warning signs that there is damage.

There are pros and cons to different types of siding. These are a few common types of siding and issues to watch for.

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